Advanced Holistic Podiatry
Foot Health Predicts General Health

Quickly and effectively relieve your pain
or reduce your swelling

Early detection of preventable disease
for general health

Discover answers to your little known
or misdiagnosed symptoms

Reduce your internal health age
and add up to 10 years to your life

Increase your body strength and
defenses to help block disease

Look better and eliminate cosmetic
or unsightly flaws or problems

Increased and enhanced mobility for
flexibility and general health

Feel better with less stress and
improved energy and stamina
Our Holistic Podiatry assessments include advanced
alternative and conventional screening and diagnostic tests
that include:
Pain Management; Movement and Gait Analysis;
Circulation; Bone; Muscle and Joint; Nerve Conduction;
Diet and Nutritional Status; Toxins and Heavy Metal Loads;
Food Allergies.
Our Holistic Podiatry therapies include advanced
alternative and conventional treatments that not only
address problems related to the assessments above;
but also enhance beauty, healing, and relaxation with
cosmetic and homeopathic injection therapy as well.

What is Holistic Podiatry?

Holistic Podiatry is a branch of holistic medicine that promotes a synergistic relationship between the doctor and the patient
leading towards optimal attainment of the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health.  
Specifically, Holistic Podiatry links the health of the Lower Extremity with the physical, mental, emotional and the general health of a person.

Because humans walk upright, many health issues manifest early in the spine and lower extremity.  
Consequently, the lower extremity can provide a source of early detection for many preventable diseases.  
Whole body wellness can be both addressed and prevented by assessment and treatment of the lower extremity by holistic podiatry and adjunct wellness therapies.

Whether you are a group, business, or individual, our Holistic Podiatry Practice features Advanced High-Tech Measures and Treatments.  
We will emphasize a holistic approach that uses Advanced Diagnostic Screening and Treatments to Heal Current Health Problems
and Help Early Detection for Prevention and Improved General Health.

Foot Problems and General Health Converge at Holistic Podiatry

General Health has always been an important topic and foot problems are extremely common in the United States.  
There can be no doubt that holistic podiatry is the key to reconciling the two.

General Health is important to everyone.  However, it was not emphasized for a long time.  It was not until the concepts of holistic medicine
and wellness became more prominent, that a holistic approach to medicine became more important.  General Health is not only important in the traditional ways.  
Lifestyle issues like obesity and sleeping problems can affect General Health.  Other lifestyle issues like activity limitation can also affect General Health as well.

Even the government, has more interest in your General Health.  This is demonstrated in many aspects of Health Care legislation.  
A General Health issue is a life expectancy issue.

Foot problems are very prevalent in the United States.  In fact, one out of every six people in the United States has foot problems.  
This is not surprising when you think that the foot has 26 bones.  The number of bones that are in the foot dramatically increases the probability that foot problems
will occur.  In addition to the 26 bones, there are also a 33 joints.  Anyone that has suffered from turf toe or arthritis knows that 33 different foot joints can be a
tremendous source of foot problems.  If that weren’t enough, there are over 100 muscles and tendons that either attach to or affect the foot.  
Various muscle or tendon strains are a very common source of foot problems.  
In total over 40,000,000 Americans have foot problems and statistic show that more than 1/3 them are serious.

Holistic doctors of all types are on the front lines of reconciling specific body parts with General Health.  
Currently, some of the leading holistic doctors involved in this issue, are in some way holistic podiatrists or involved in holistic podiatry.
Our Advanced Holistic and Wellness Approach to
Foot Care Uses Advanced Diagnostic Screening and
Treatments to Heal Current Health Problems and
Help Early Detection for Prevention and Improved
General Health.
See how your foot type and foot
health can effect or predict your
future general health wellness
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